Metallic Wrap Top Refashion

I bought this sparkly metallic shirt in hopes of turning it into a new puffy shouldered wrap top. Planning the fabric around the garment to make instead of vice versa always tapes into a little critical thinking, fussy cutting and quick improv. But it’s not impossible. I think this method strengthens staying on your toes and agility. Its mostly how I have been sewing now for years to work through all the fabrics that I already have in my stash.

Pictured above is the thrifted before shirt.

I planned a bit of my pieces out to see where I can get the most from the before shirt. Measure twice and cut once. Figuring out n my sleeves was the hardest part. I originally envisioned a full puffy shoulder but just simply did not have enough fabric to work that out. I compromised to add a ruffle to the shoulders. Which I think I ended up liking better. I haven’t sewn much with ruffles before and I haven’t stopped since. Changing my plan slightly, I kept the sleeves in tack as they were with the addition of a ruffle.

Scraps left from cutting out pieces to be sewn.

Making the most out of the top that I could, I made bias tape to finish the neckline. Adding extra length to the wrap ties as well. I always try to utilize the most from scraps as well. I kept these larger pieces with an idea in mind to try out. I also held onto the buttons from the front placket. My grandma always cut out zippers from old clothes. I thought as a kid how ridiculous she was for that. I have so many of her zips that look much like these buttons, still attached to a bit of the old garment waiting to be reused on the next one.

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