Quilted Shibori Dyed Knitting Bag

I recently have been diving into piecing and quilting. Really going down a rabbit hole about it. Its a bit relaxing in a different way than apparel sewing. Maybe its all the layers of material like a new blanket in your hands as you work.

Bag pieces cut and basted for quilting.

My latest quilted bag is this black shibori hand dyed canvas knitting bag. I love the shape and the dye turned out really well. Instead of using batting rems for this one, I unearthed a decent amount of felt yardage I got from somewhere. I really have no idea where. Since I also am not sure on how to use all of this either, I experimented with using the felt in place of batting. It has some challenges though not completely impossible. I was concerned with the density of the felt and that is exactly where I ran into a little bit of problem. As the layers added up with the side seams and binding got a little tougher. I switched to a microtex needle and that fixed it very quickly.

Interior lining & self made bias tape.

My prior quilted bags had stitching patterns planned out with just using my rotary ruler. I did a 45 degree angle at three inches separated to create a diamond pattern for the quilted stitches. I am not one to be a spectacular visionary artist with a pencil but I figured a simple daisy silhouette would be doable with my skillset. I drew one on cardstock then took it to my basted fabrics to outline with tailor’s chalk.

Daisy quilting stitch pattern chalked out.

For the inside I combined a few gingham remnant pieces with a printed binding I made from a random fat quarter. The fat quarter was made of vintage looking notion labels, so I thought it would be perfect for a little knitting bag interior. I actually ended up once again loving the inside of the quilted bag just as much as the exterior. And if I had any reversible zippers on hand for one of these, it sure would get some use.

Interior of the bag with self made bias tape.

So all in all. The felt worked out well! I can’t think of a more useful way of me working with felt than covering it up with cute prints and holding yarn with it.

Finished bag with future knitting projects.

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