Favorite Knit Sock Pattern for DK/Light Worsted Weight Yarn

I’m always in search of adding more texture and color to my clothes. Upon finding the Auni Sock pattern by Nupu Nupu (Marie Kostamovaara), I instantly knew I would be knitting multiple versions on it. I love the edge bobbles that are perfect for peaking out of the tops of boots. Yet goes wonderfully as well even with a sneaker. Along with the added bit of texture with juxtaposing rows of 1X1 ribbing. I felt as though this is a very easy pattern to follow. Right now I’m on my third pair and had the pattern memorized by the second set. It was my first attempt at bobbles as well. I also really enjoy the fit of this. Its chunky, slightly slouchy yet does not ever feel like it slinks completely down to your ankles.

The Auni sock is available in DK or Fingering weight patterns. I used the DK pattern for these, using up my endless stash of worsted weight yarns with a 2.75 MM knitting needle. Im all about a reason to use up the yarns that I have. Finding this pattern touched every aspect of what I look for in what I achieve to knit for my wardrobe. Here is the pattern to knit a pair for yourself https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/auni-socks-dk

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