2020 Me Made Favorites

I had thought back to everything I made this past year, I must say I made a pretty well rounded selection. Many things I didn’t even get photos of. A few things were given away. From jackets, swimwear, jeans, button downs, bags and knitwear… I got a lot in this year. Many firsts. Hong Kong seams. Collared button downs. Making hundreds of masks.

Like anyone else, this was a year was nothing but obstacles and sharp corners with a few tears. And the one thing that I have always turned to has been apparel sewing when I haven’t felt myself. I mean yes its what I do day to day but when I get a new garment sewn up, its always been something that has made me feel a little better. The process, the experimenting and the learning. It all contributes to that feeling of finishing a garment. Apparel sewing has always been my go to when I have felt disenfranchised; whether emotionally, financially or even physically when I needed a break from other forms of making.

Of all the projects that I accomplished in 2020; my first swimsuits, collared jackets and boiler suit. I really do love all those makes too. But I think it was all my quilting projects I enjoyed making the most. I really honed in on my illegitimate fear of bindings. I have really always been intimidated by a mitered corner of all things. Seems so silly now. Especially since I have also always longed to attempt a garment of Hong Kong seams. Now I’m also reacquainted with my bias tape maker and can’t stop making printed bias tape and bindings. Aside from the finished project, actually quilting fabric is very soothing. Like handling a big squishy blanket through the process. Comforting.

Here is a wrap up of my favorite me mades from this very chaotic year.

My denim hand quilted jacket was maybe my happiest me made garment I finished this year. I had started this a year or two ago as a road trip project. I used all textiles I had already on hand when I cut this out. Denim was from my moms stash from when I was a kid, flannel lining and wool batting interior. I had initially planned on no hardware for an open closure. But being someone that is always cold, I’m glad I did. I also think the snaps helped finish this jacket.

Hand dyed shibori quilted dopp bag. I made this to test out making and sewing in bindings again. Ive been utilizing all of this 20 inch wide stark white duck cloth for shibori dying experimenting. Just one of a hand full of bags I had made with this fabric. All materials, batting remnants, leather and rivets were items I had on hand already.

I had found this hexie hand pieced quilt top in a thrift store for 3$. A complete score for the price and I had been on a hunt for an already pieced vintage quilt top for so long. Wanting to utilize each inch of this, I laid my entire plans for these projects before cutting. And unfortunately didn’t always get the patterning to line up just how I wanted but made that compromise to be able to make a few garments. So this vest with tie closures was my first make using all cotton batting on the interior with a light blue cotton backing from the stash. I quilted along the center and outer hexie motifs. Finished with visible bound seams. One of my very favorite makes from this year.

Hand dyed shibori quilted duffle bag. Another shibori dyed and quilted bag. I’m a bag lady! I love to make them. I also love using up my less favorable printed cottons this way or for pocket bags. They look good in this contex. When I wouldn’t really know how else to use them as a printed cotton than tucking them in a lining somewhere and brightening up a little corner. Every print can look great given the correct place?!

A lot of shibori & quilting this year! I did a little bit piecing too. I have yet to finish this one. But the natural duck cloth complimented the shibori really beautifully in this sawtooth. I can’t wait to expand on this one much further!

Onward to year filled with more making and learning. And probably more shibori and quilted bags. Cheers!

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