The work and studio of Lenore Tawney.

Lenore Tawney was a pivotal figure in the fibre arts movement. John Micheal Kohler Arts Center ( had an extensive collection of her work and studio furniture on exhibit. From her large scale weavings to her small mixed media collage, her work continues to be impactful pieces to experience first hand. Lenore was known for her large scale open work weavings, that she made looms to accommodate to fit inside of her studio spaces. I revisited some photos I had taken from my viewing of the exhibit. Her studio furniture and reflections of her work were as, if not more, of a show stopper as her weavings.

I met a collector of string, a shepherd of slow forms.

My mission became the salvation of minnows

I stretched like a board, almost a tree.

Even thread had a speech.

–Theodore Roetheke, Unfold! Unfold! 1951

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