The work and studio of Lenore Tawney.

Lenore Tawney was a pivotal figure in the fibre arts movement. John Micheal Kohler Arts Center ( had an extensive collection of her work and studio furniture on exhibit. From her large scale weavings to her small mixed media collage, her work continues to be impactful pieces to experience first hand. Lenore was known for… Continue reading The work and studio of Lenore Tawney.

Thrifted Quilt Top = Two New Handmade Garments

Beginning the year with a few from Grandma's Rose Garden. Wrapping up the hexie quilt top that I had purchased for $3.99 with a collared jacket is my last large project I made from this. Fitting in a vest and a jacket, I'm left with a few little scraps to squeeze into a little something… Continue reading Thrifted Quilt Top = Two New Handmade Garments

2020 Me Made Favorites

I had thought back to everything I made this past year, I must say I made a pretty well rounded selection. Many things I didn't even get photos of. A few things were given away. From jackets, swimwear, jeans, button downs, bags and knitwear... I got a lot in this year. Many firsts. Hong Kong… Continue reading 2020 Me Made Favorites

Favorite Knit Sock Pattern for DK/Light Worsted Weight Yarn

I'm always in search of adding more texture and color to my clothes. Upon finding the Auni Sock pattern by Nupu Nupu (Marie Kostamovaara), I instantly knew I would be knitting multiple versions on it. I love the edge bobbles that are perfect for peaking out of the tops of boots. Yet goes wonderfully as… Continue reading Favorite Knit Sock Pattern for DK/Light Worsted Weight Yarn

Quilted Shibori Dyed Knitting Bag

I recently have been diving into piecing and quilting. Really going down a rabbit hole about it. Its a bit relaxing in a different way than apparel sewing. Maybe its all the layers of material like a new blanket in your hands as you work. Bag pieces cut and basted for quilting. My latest quilted… Continue reading Quilted Shibori Dyed Knitting Bag

Metallic Wrap Top Refashion

I bought this sparkly metallic shirt in hopes of turning it into a new puffy shouldered wrap top. Planning the fabric around the garment to make instead of vice versa always tapes into a little critical thinking, fussy cutting and quick improv. But it's not impossible. I think this method strengthens staying on your toes… Continue reading Metallic Wrap Top Refashion


A hand weaver and fibre spinner in the Midwest, hey! I’m Shannon. A self taught fibre and textile maker in a never ending pursuit of textile exploration. Having found sewing and fibre crafts as a kid, like many at the heel of my mom and grandma. Though still far from a perfect seamstress, I haven’t… Continue reading Hey!